Where to find Kosher Food

General Info

The availability of kosher food is limited in the Atlantic Provinces and there are no kosher restaurants or delis. In the Atlantic Provinces, the main supermarkets — Sobeys and Superstore — carry the majority of the limited kosher products. There many kosher products including two kinds of kosher wine (red and white), plenty of cheese and fish.

In Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, Ben’s bread (including loaf bread and all hamburger and hot dog buns) is kosher. The packages do not contain the symbol, but they have been supervised by Kaf-K. Ben’s bread is widely available throughout the Maritimes in supermarkets and small convenience stores.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sobey’s on Queen Street once again is bringing in kosher meat and poultry.

The Beth Israel Synagogue’s web page also has information on keeping kosher in Halifax. Please click here to visit and learn more.

  • Stone Hearth Bakery: Halifax (902) 454-2851
    Bakes Challah for Shabbat and special breads for the Jewish holidays.
  • Sobeys: 1120 Queen Street, Halifax (902) 422-9884
    Regular limited stock of kosher products (including frozen meats/poultry) and they special order for the Jewish holidays.
  • Superstore Supermarket: Barrington St. Market-1075 Barrington Street, Halifax (902) 492-3240
    Selection of kosher products.
  • Chabad Kosher Delights: contact Bassie Feldman 457-7698
    Kosher catering under the supervision of Chabad of the Maritimes.
  • Bishop’s Cellar: Bishop’s Landing, Lower Water Street, Halifax (902) 490-2675
    Good selection of kosher wines.
  • Ben’s Bakery:
    Loaf bread and all hamburger and hot dog buns are kosher although the packages do not contain the symbol; they have been supervised by kaf-k.
    Ben’s bread is widely available throughout Nova Scotia. 
  • East Coast Bakery: 6257 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A4. Certified Kosher by Rabbi Feldman of the Chabad of the Maritimes
  • J&R Kosher Meat and Delicatessen Inc.: Although located in Montreal, J&R ships to Halifax quite frequently.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

  • Superstore Supermarket: 471 Smythe St (506) 459-3544
  • Victory Meat Market: Frozen Kosher poultry, challah, and many more Kosher products. 334 King Street, Fredericton (506) 458-8480
  • Scoop & Save – An entire Kosher section. 934 Prospect Street, Fredericton, (506) 459-7676

Moncton, New Brunswick

  • Superstore Supermarket: Moncton Market 165 Main Street, at the intersection of Main Street & Route 15 (506) 852-2060
    A limited amount of dry goods available.
  • Rinzler’s Meat Market: 808 Mountain Road, Moncton (506) 853-6060
    frozen whole chickens and turkeys.

Charlottetown, PEI

  • Superstore: University Ave. and Belvedere Ave
  • Sobeys supermarket: Some kosher products.
  • Bulk Barn:
    Some scoop items are also available.
  • Ben’s breads:
    Multi-grains, Ben’s Holsum hamburger and hot dog buns, are kosher under the supervision of the Kof-K but do not carry a symbol locally.
  • kosher wine (red & white)

St. John’s, Newfoundland

  • Sobeys:
    Limited amount of dry goods, Liberty yogurt and frozen poultry available and periodic availability of baked goods.
  • Dominion Supermarket:
    A limited selection of kosher dry goods including those under the President’s Choice brand.