March of the Living 2014

  March of the Living 2014: National Adult Mission and March of the Living 2014: High School Students At the Atlantic Jewish Council, we are working on the March of the Living 2014 program. The March of the Living (MOL) is a 2 week educational program that takes place in Poland and Israel. The March […]

Nova Scotia Human Rights Awards

Nominations are being sought of people and organizations from around the province of Nova Scotia for the 2013 Human Rights Awards. As the Atlantic Jewish Council is a long time member of Partners for Human Rights, we feel that it is time to recognize those who make life better for us in the province by promoting human […]

A Change Up

The current news cycle has been utterly brutal. The unspeakable tragedy at Lac Mégantic, the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco, the deaths of the Arizona firefighters, new violence and unrest in Egypt, and the continuing tragedy in Syria, to name just a few recent events, all make us want to disconnect from our computers, […]

Reflections on the Sacrifices of Others

Mark David’s article from CIJA’s Website: There is no Jewish funeral home in Atlantic Canada. In each community, dedicated volunteers serve on a Chevra Kaddisha to ensure that fellow Jews are buried in accordance with our law and tradition. The task is never easy. It is made more difficult because so many of the people […]

Nova Scotia Missions Reunion

In Halifax on Saturday evening, June 8th, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs hosted an informal get-together of Nova Scotia-based alumni from past political, student leader, journalist and business leader missions to Israel. Particularly noteworthy was the attendance of Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter and Peter Stoffer, MP for Sackville-Eastern Shore. Matthew Godwin and […]

Anti – Israel Boycott Draws Little Interest

An attempted boycott of a Halifax health food store that carries Israeli SodaStream products has mostly fizzled, according to Mark David, the Atlantic region consultant for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). Only about a dozen middle-aged protesters appeared at Planet Organic April 7 to urge a boycott of SodaStream products. They were […]

Mark David: Flipping A Switch

I have a distinct memory, as a young child, of eavesdropping on a discussion between my parents and their friends, and hearing a comment to the effect that “..had Israel existed during World War II, the Holocaust would never have happened…” While I was vaguely aware of Israel’s military prowess, and had already set off […]

Tom Forrestall: 35 Days in Israel, February 1st -28th, watercolour paintings on paper

Opening reception Wednesday, February 6th 7pm – 9pm. Nova Scotia Archives, 6016 University Ave. Halifax. See group program information below. Painted in Israel in the Fall of 2010, 35 Days in Israel is famed Canadian artist Tom Forrestall’s series of 24 watercolour paintings on paper. The exhibit will be on display for public viewing from […]