About the AJC

The Atlantic Jewish Council (AJC) has been the cornerstone of Jewish life in the Atlantic provinces since 1975, acting as the organized Jewish community’s representative and program/service provider for non-religious matters. With only a small staff complement and a modest budget, the AJC relies on the support of over 100 volunteers across Atlantic Canada to move the needle on our seven strategic priorities:

  • Building a sense of Jewish community across Atlantic Canada;
  • Strengthening Jewish identity amongst the Jews of Atlantic Canada, especially our youth;
  • Reinforcing the regional identity of the Atlantic Canadian Jewish community;
  • Supporting Israel;
  • Educating about the Holocaust and human rights;
  • Fostering relationships with and representing the Atlantic Jewish population to all levels of government, academic institutions, and Jewish and general organizations at both the national and local level; and
  • Educating the community of Atlantic Canada at large about Judaism.

Please know that our door is always open should you want to learn more about, get involved with, or partner on any of our year-round activities.

To learn more about the activities we do and the actions we take to accomplish these facets of our mission, please take a look at our 2018 Annual Report!

AJC Annual Report 2018_FINAL_ISSUU