The Atlantic Jewish Council

CIJA’s Grassroots Consultation 2018


The Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs, or CIJA, is the advocacy agent of the AJC and the other Jewish Federations across Canada. Through our UJA Campaign, we – Atlantic Canadians – help fund CIJA, and through their work, CIJA aims to improve the quality of Jewish life in Canada by advancing the public policy interests of Canada’s organized Jewish community. Everything from combating antisemitism and enhancing Jewish community security, to confronting BDS and strengthening ties with Israel.

But how does CIJA know what our public policy interests are? 

To solve this problem, CIJA has arranged for a series of grassroots consultations, including one geared specifically for Atlantic Canadians. Due to our geography, we will be conducting this session online on Thursday, January 25, 2018 from 6pm-7pm.

Make your voice heard. 

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