The Atlantic Jewish Council

Genesis: A Living Conversation

Hosted at the Shaar on April 4th at 5:30 pm.

The stories in the book of Genesis such as, creation, humanity’s fall, the flood, Abraham and Isaac etc., have intrigued and inspired Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike for millennia. In the 1990s Bill Moyers facilitated a 10-part series on Genesis to stimulate interfaith dialogue in a democratic spirit. In the original PBS series, writers, artists, psychologists, composers, and Biblical scholars, debated and discovered the great stories of Genesis.

David Atwood, an intern minister at Rockingham United Church has initiated a Genesis Study group here in Halifax using video materials from the original PBS series as a resource. All are invited to become a part of the conversation which explores this important part of the three Abrahamic faiths.

See the attached poster for more info.

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