The Marcie-Ann Gilsig Series in Jewish Arts and Culture In Honor of Simon and Riva Spatz

The Simon and Riva Spatz Chair in Jewish Studies at Dalhousie University will not only advance knowledge in the study of Judaism, it will also contribute to the sense of community Jewish students experience on campus, and in Halifax. Based on the belief that knowledge and understanding breed tolerance and acceptance, the establishment of The Chair of Jewish Studies is particularly important at this time, and has the potential to make a major impact at the University and beyond.

My personal pledge, ‘The Marcie-Ann Gilsig Series in Jewish Arts and Culture’, an annual lecture series, will explore the many aspects of our rich cultural heritage including music, art, drama, literature, etc.  Each lecture will feature a creative performance based offering to complement  and enhance the academic material being presented. In linking my interests with those of the students, the wider university, and the community at large, it is my hope that the series will be a valuable part of Dalhousie’s programming in Jewish Studies,  reaching well beyond the campus gates.

The inaugural event will take place on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 7:30 pm, at the Potter Auditorium, Kenneth C. Rowe Building, Dalhousie University.  The evening will feature speaker Marsha Bryan Edelman, Professor Emerita Music and Education at Gratz College, and Adjunct Professor of Music at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Her key-note address is entitled:

 “Chance or Chants: What is Jewish Music?”
A cantor chants a liturgical melody, a mother sings a lullabye, and the Klezmer band plays a folk tune. How can all of these represent Jewish music? What is Jewish music anyway and where does it come from?

The evening will include performances by Rabbi Ari Isenberg of the Shaar Shalom Synagogue, as well as Halifax-based groups Gypsophilia and Rhapsody Quintet. It is certain to be a fun-filled, cultural and educational event.

For more information on The Spatz Chair of Jewish Studies or to make a donation please contact:

Ben McIsaac
Office of External Relations
Dalhousie University
902-494-1790 (W)
902-452-8999 (c)


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