Write for a Better World: A Writing Contest for Canadian Students in Grades 5 to 8

World Literacy Canada is excited to present a wonderful opportunity!

Best selling author Eric Walters – creator of Seven: the Series – has teamed up with World Literacy Canada to present the Write for a Better World writing contest for kids!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to spread the word to kids in your community! They will have a chance to win great prizes including $500 and an eReader.

Mr. Walters’ Challenge:

Complete the following sentence and continue writing for another 400 words.

“I felt like I had been shot out of a cannon. Who were these people? Where in the world was I? Before I could even get my bearings I was almost run over by…”

Write about a place and culture that is new to you. What is different about it and what is surprisingly the same?

All winners will become published authors in a collectible magazine and online!


Top ten will receive:
A full set of Seven: The Series, signed by Eric Walters!
A world map & atlas!
World Literacy Canada Swag!

All participating teachers & schools will be acknowledged.

For contest details and entry form visit: worldlit.ca/write2013

Submission deadline: April 5, 2013


WLC’s Write for a Better World is designed to encourage a generation of global citizens who are ready for the world of opportunities and capable of being inquirers, thinkers, communicators, and risk takers, while being open minded, reflective and caring.

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